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Design and Build a New Custom Home in Birmingham MI

Design & Build

Contrary to popular belief, designing and building a new home can be cheaper than buying a new home already built.

Why? Here at Live Well Custom Homes we give you a discount of 3% if you Design and Build your new home with us.

How? It’s simple, we have less risk when we start to build a home, we know that once that home is complete it's sold. Since they are less risk involved, we work at a lower percentage of profit with this type of sale.

Want to save 6% off the sales price?

That’s Easy!

Step #1.   Meet with us direct without an agent and you save 3%. If you already have an agent representing you, we will have to honor that agreement that you may have with them.  Here at Live Well Custom Homes we promote agents to direct clients to our company and we will guarantee their commission; HOWEVER if you find us on your own, who really is doing the work?  

Step # 2 .  Involves you as the buyer to either fund the construction of the home with your own capital, or obtain a construction loan.  We can assist you in doing this and save you an additional 3%.

 Save 3-6% simply by following the steps above!

Construction Loans are easy and not that expensive to obtain.

Construction loans are at the same rate as any other conventional loan. There is only one closing.

The 2 biggest benefits to you are:

  1. You lock your rate in at no cost at the beginning of the project. This provides protection against rising interest rates.
  2. We give you a 3% discount off the sale price of the new home which covers more than the expenses for the loan. The money that you save can either be put towards reducing the sale price or adding more features in your home!

How and why do we do this? 


1.       Again, it goes back to us having less risk, so we have more to give back to you! But mostly it's because the building business is so capital intense and by you funding the building process instead of ourselves, we give you a discount for that capital.


Tired of looking at homes with someone else's taste in finishes that don’t match yours?

Design and build your own with Live Well Custom Homes.

We make the process easy for you. With our own design center in Royal Oak and our expertise, we will:

1.       Guide you through the whole building process. With Rick Merlini's 32 years of building experience there will be no surprises and the process is made easy.

2.       We will also guide you through the selections process to help you find the right finishes that express your only personality but at the same time, be the right choice for that day when you will be selling that new home and move on to the next phase of your life.

Don’t like any of the locations that we own?

Again that is easy, tell us where you want to be and with all the relationships we have, we can find you that perfect lot for you and your family.