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Extreme Makeover

New Home Builder, Richard Merlini on Extreme Makeover ~ Live Well Custom Homes

New home builder Richard Merlini has been chosen by ABC Extreme Makeover to build two new homes in two different states.

The first Extreme Makeover build was for the Gilliam family in Armada, Michigan in 2006.

Gilliam Family Season 4 | Episode 3 | Aired 10/1/06

The second Extreme Makeover build was for the King family in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008.

King family Season 6 | Episode 4 | Aired 10/19/08

Richard Merlini of Live Well Homes holds the record for the fastest build and completed 2 homes in 2 different states.

new houses for sale Royal Oak Michigan In August of 2006, Richard Merlini embarked on a once in a lifetime journey to help a young firefighter’s widow (Maryann) and her six children in Armada, Michigan. After 53 hours he was able to complete a safe, new home for the Gilliam family.New homes for sale birmingham Michigan

Around two years later in July of 2008, Richard Merlini and a crew of dedicated partners and friends were able to complete a second Extreme Makeover house with attached daycare, this time for the King family in Charlotte, NC.

Richard Merlini Pays It Forward

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