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Better Livability With Design

Better Livability Designed Into Every Home

Flexible living in your new home

Did you know?

Change is all around us. As your life changes, you may begin to appreciate homes which were designed to adapt to changing situations. Live Well Custom Homes calls it flexible design and includes it in every home.

What makes us stand out from the rest of Michigan’s home builders? Live Well Custom Homes designs livability into every new home.

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Greatness is in the details, and here is some of our details:

  • How about a cabinet next to your sink in your master bathroom that has a plug inside of it, and plugged into it is a hair dryer and/or a curling iron, so that when you want to blow dry your hair, all you have do is reach in, pull it out, dry your hair and when you’re done, just set it back in the cabinet?
  • How about a pantry in your kitchen that has a pull out shelf?   On top of that pull out shelf is your coffee maker, a blender, and a toaster, all those item are already plugged in so that you can use them anytime, and when you are done, simply push shelf back in and close the doors. All of your small appliances are off the counter but ready to use any time simplifying your life and alleviating the look of clutter.
  • How about a small upper cabinet above your toilet to store extra toilet paper and other personal items for easy access when needed?
  • How about a clever switch next to your bed so that you can shut off the bedroom lights without getting out of bed?
  • How about a cabinet near the rear entry door (we call it a Drop Zone) so that you can recharge your cell phones, laptops, PDAs, etc. It’s where the mail goes and the keys are hung. Ditto for briefcases, umbrellas and even a first aid kit. It’s where you set heavy items on the way into the house. It’s how you liberate your kitchen from clutter!
  • How about a rear foyer that has a drop zone, a bench to sit on while you put on your shoes, cubbies to help organize the kids back packs, jackets and shoes?
  • How about a large walk-in pantry to store all those bulky items you bought at Costco? 
  • How about building small walls next to the toilets to hide the toilets from view?
  • How about designing the laundry rooms on the same floors as all the clothes to prevent from dragging laundry all over the home?
  • How about a folding counter top in that laundry room?
  • How about a very large island that doubles for a casual eating area or a launching area for those large dinner parties?
  • How about a home plan that has an open kitchen / breakfast nook /great room to keep everyone connected while entertaining, at the same time commanding center of this space is a custom kitchen island, with a sink within easy access for all?
  • How about linen storage in all bathrooms?
  • How about a broom closet for cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners?

These are just a few examples of the small design details we put in every one of our new homes at Live Well Custom Homes. 

Remember Greatness is in the Details!

New Homes with Designed Livability


Each floor plan in this plan book is shown in a conventional layout and a color-coded version that highlights four different categories especially important to women. We believe that making the process understandable is important. Learn how we make are plans easier to read for you.

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Livability is more than just a new home builders creative buzz word, it is about the form and function of your new home. Live Well Custom Homes ensures that every new home we build is ingrained with livability right from the planning and designing stages, this makes sure that your house is a home that is not only efficient and beautiful, but also convenient. What we mean by convenient is how small details and tweaks to a new home can make big changes to how your home “lives” and how your family lives in your home.

All of the new homes we build in Birmingham, Royal Oak, and Macomb Twp., areas of Michigan, come with the highest livability of any new home builder in Michigan.