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The Bathroom as a Sanctuary

on Sep 11, 2015
Your bathroom is the place that you spend a great deal of your time every week. It is  

the space where you get ready for your day and where you do your nightly rituals 

before going to sleep. So why would this room not receive the attention to design it 

deserves? With unique options from Live Well Custom Homes, we can make your 

bathroom a relaxing and useful place where you can start and end your day.

One of the key features that women often seek in a bathroom is the bathtub. There is 

nothing more relaxing than soaking in the tub after a long day at work. There has 

been a widely understood generalization, however, that men don’t like to take baths. 

There may be one simple reason for this, the size of a tub. Standard bathtubs are 5 ft. 

long, which often does not provide enough leg room for men. Similarly the width of 

a tub is also quite narrow for men. Both of these factors cause men to feel 

uncomfortable while taking a bath. With the simple change of a larger bathtub the 

man of the house can start to enjoy the activity of taking a bath and see the 

bathroom as a place of relaxation.

As the bathtub should be the spot for relaxation in the bathroom, the vanity should 

be the spot for organization. In a master bathroom, the space where the husband 

and wife get ready can often lead to conflict. Shared sinks and counter space may 

cause the couple to have to share the space uncomfortably or schedule different 

times to use it in order to perform their morning rituals. With separate vanities, 

both the man and woman have their own space in order to store all of their items 

and get ready for the day. If the husband is on the taller side the vanity can also be 

heightened as well to increase comfortability.