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We design homes to accommodate your furry friends

on Oct 16, 2015
They say a dog is a man’s best friend. So why shouldn’t we design our homes to  accommodate our little furry friends? There are many simple features to include in  your home that can help make your house a welcoming space for your canine  companions. 
One of the best choices you can make in a home with pets is hand-scraped hard wood floors throughout the house. Hand-scraped hard-wood floors allow for your dog to run around the house and enjoy it, without ruining the floor. If the dog  scratches the wood with his nails, the scratch will actually blend in with the pattern on the floor. Another great option is to have an outdoor bathing station for your dog. Including a hose that has a hot/cold water option outside your back door is a great way to groom your pet at home. You can also in have a deep sink in the garage or basement for pet bathing in the winter months. There are many other details to include in your home to make it pet friendly including- a doggie door, a custom outdoor doghouse, or even built in storage inside the home for all of “fido’s accessories.” Let us know at Live Well Custom Homes what we can do to make your home a sanctuary for your favorite animal!